Shooting range trip.

How to choose?

Before we tell you about our adventure at the Krakow shooting range, we wanted to share how the package was purchased and why it was convenient.

A very nice owner of the apartment Robert, just after booking the accommodation, he contacted us via Whatsapp and offered us the opportunities we have for the development of our stay in Krakow. He directed us to the website where our attention was focused on the firearms range. In the UK there are no such attractions for those without a permit. After a quick consultation through Whatsapp, Robert helped us both to choose a package and to book a trip in a professional company.

Here you can chose package

Appointment time.

According to the plan, at precisely 11.00 am he drove a car to the apartment, which was to take us to the shooting range. The trip lasted about an hour. On the spot, the driver of the car arranged all the formalities and took us to the instructor.

Sooooting time 🙂

The English-speaking instructor detailed the rules for dealing with each type of weapon, devoting a few minutes to each weapon.

We had 3 types of target shields to choose from.

3 kinds of target Shooting Range

Shields were distanced from 20 to 50 meters although on the shooting range you can and try to distance up to 150m

Of course, without professional earcups, you could not get around – the bang was quite significant.

We had great results, and the weapon turned out to be less difficult to handle than we imagined. With our shooting package everything lasted about 50 minutes. Now, without the necessary permits, we have gained invaluable experience and an unmaintained impression. 

The return to the apartment lasted about 1 hour and was full of impressions. 🙂 We highly recommend it.

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